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What last names mean?

i need to know where my last name is from , and what it means...


is my last name...
What last names mean?
I found this for you.

Manrique Name Meaning and History

Spanish: possibly from the Occitan personal name Aimeric (in southern France), composed of the Germanic elements haim 鈥榟omeland鈥? 鈥榲illage鈥?+ ric 鈥榩ower鈥?

Hope this helps.

Tracing some one with no birth or death dates?

I asked this question a while ago but im still stuck so wondering if anyone knows anything else?

On my grandfathers birth certificate it says mothers name and fathers.

I searched and itsjustme has searched for his parents marriage but had no luck. so I only have their names with no birth place or date

I typed in his mothers name and 1 birth came up, which is great but if I buy it, it still doesnt prove if its his mother.

Asking family is no good as know even new his side of the family.

I know this question is a long shot but thought I would give it ago.

thank you
Tracing some one with no birth or death dates?
The only way you can make that link is to find a baptismal record and cross-reference the parents through sacramental registers. If there was an illegitimacy, the baptismal record should reveal that. If the parents were married, it should give you identifying information on them and you should be able to find a marriage record off of that. The church involved may even have a copy of the marriage register for the parents%26#039; marriage.
Tracing some one with no birth or death dates?
try and look for where they lived,chance is if they vanish it may be at time of death,then look at nearest burial plots to see if they are registered.local library recoeds may be more reliablw if u know the local ones
Reply:You need to know a place of birth, residence as a child or place of marriage to really have any hope.
Reply:If you have your grandfathers place of birth and his parents names you might be able to find a census listing with their names on it around the time your grandfather was born. Also look on line at the cemetary listing around where your granfather was born if you think they died there. Another good place to get help is . You can post a message on several different board there.
Reply:I had the same problem tracking my husband%26#039;s greatgrandmother%26#039;s marriage. I later found out that they were never married, but she just took his name and had 8 children and were together until his death. So don%26#039;t discount that possibility.

Does anyone know about Dolores Wonfor?

She lived in London, married a chap with the surname Wells and had 3 children.She was American but was in England as a teenager living in the Dorset area. We think she would be about 79 now.

Are guy mack and graham shiels related?

these two actors look alike, i thought they might be related to another. i also thought they could be related on-screen.

fay kwan

Are guy mack and graham shiels related?

these two actors look alike, i thought they might be related to another. i also thought they could be related on-screen.

fay kwan

Where would I have to go, to find out who lived at a residence between 1944 - 1949?

My great grandfather lived at 30 Lowther Street, Liverpool

Thats all I know, his name and address. Its on my grandfathers army records as the next of kin between the years 1944 - 1949

Where do I go to find out who else lived at the address??
Where would I have to go, to find out who lived at a residence between 1944 - 1949?
local council may have some records or point you in the right direction
Where would I have to go, to find out who lived at a residence between 1944 - 1949?
You could always try and find the census closest to those years, or the one before and after to check if the same people lived there.

Or you could try the electoral role if it was going then try this website
Reply:You could check the records at the local library, but when I wanted to find out about my residence when it was built in the 1800%26#039;s I went to city hall/town hall and found out that my house was a small gardners cottage on a huge plantation where the servants lived, (it%26#039;s very small, but cozy and well decorated, gorgeous gardens!).

I recommend you check a city or town hall, or the british equivalent if that isn%26#039;t what they are called out there.

The national census records may help, I think they are online at the national archive website, should come up if you google it, might be worth checking the address still exists ( may help) alot of liverpool city centre has been re-developed in the 80%26#039;s and onwards.

Good luck anyhow

Take care
Reply:In the county courthouses there are records on the history of a piece of property from when we stole it from the Indians to present day. I%26#039;d start at the County Clerk%26#039;s office. I know in Indiana, they call it %26quot;an Abstract of Title%26quot; A deed sometimes traces ownership too....all at the courthouse. Some of the records may be online now.
Reply:Hello Leanne, without a doubt you will need the Liverpool archives library, and in my opinion it%26#039;s best to book a study hour, to enable you to get the micro fiche ? reader. The local library hold the electoral registers only back as far as 2000, anything prior to that is stored at the archives.

Here in Nottingham the archivist charge 拢25:00 an hour to do the search for you, but they are brilliant and worth every penny. If you have any problems getting the information email me and I will see what I can do to get you the information, do you still have my email addy.

Hope this helps.
Reply:You might check the library to see if they have copies of old city should be able to look it up either by the last name or by the address.

Happy hunting!!!
Reply:Hi Leanne,

Its Just Me is right, and it is worth every penny. I did this in Oxford, and found an Uncle I never knew I had through this way of searching.
Reply:The electoral records will list all the other adult voters who lived at the address, you need to contact the local records department. As far as I know there is not a charge for looking at them if you can get to the record office in person, but I could be wrong, otherwise you have to pay a researcher to look them up for you.

Getting in touch w/ Irish heritage?

What can I do to get in touch with my Irish heritage? It%26#039;s the culture part of me that I%26#039;m most proud and connected to/of and I want to celebrate it somehow.

Wear Claddagh?

Learn some Irish?

What do you all suggest?
Getting in touch w/ Irish heritage?
drink! although that%26#039;s my sugestion to getting in touch with any heritage.
Getting in touch w/ Irish heritage?
There%26#039;s a great Irish group: The High Kings.

Check them out!! They are on tour now too!

Music helps to get in touch with culture! :)
Reply:well I%26#039;m Irish, and I would suggest coming to Ireland? It%26#039;s a great place. Maybe even taking up some Irish :)

Conas at谩 t煤? :P
Reply:Irish dance

go to Ireland

build a bear used to have an online virtual tour of Ireland (idk, my sister knows)
Reply:Wearing a piece of Irish jewelry* and listening to Irish music (my own favorite group is the Clancy Brothers) are both great ideas. The music will deepen your Irish feelings, and the jewelry will catch the attention of others with Irish roots, with whom you may form bonds to explore your heritage together. You can also explore Irish literature and history. Some of the greatest English-language writers of modern times have actually been Irish, among them Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw, and James Joyce. In fact, most %26quot;English%26quot; playwrights of the past 300+ years have actually been Irish. A popular historcal novelist who%26#039;s very much into Irish (and other Celtic) subjects is Morgan Llywelyn, who despite her very Welsh name is at least as much Q-Celtic as P-Celtic. (If you don%26#039;t know those terms, you can begin your exploration by looking them up.)

And oh yes, you can also drink. The Irish lead the world in per capita consumption of one particular beverage. It%26#039;s spelled t-e-a.

*A Celtic cross until your significant other GIVES you a piece of claddagh jewelry, since that motif is so often used for wedding and engagement rings
Reply:listen to irish music, take aida%26#039;s advice on the jewellry thing, learn irish, maybe even set your yahoo or wikipedia homepage to the irish one!?
Reply:I would suggest you research your geneology to find out family history and then make it an aim of yours to one day visit the area your ancestors came from. The claddagh thing is mainly for tourists and isn%26#039;t something that most people in ireland wear.